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International Business and Language Consulting

Language barrierfree. International. Successful.

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Prices Consulting, individual

Extra charges

Lump-sum supplement for express service within 24 hours after order confirmation, for creation of documents: 1-2 pages 20€, 3-5 pages 30€, 6-10 pages 50€
30€ per webrecruiter/ Interview/ Accessmenet Center
30€ for interpreting

There will be costs incurred for travel expenses at an access route over 10km and they amount to 30ct/km.

There will be additionally costs incurred for individual accommodation expenses at an access route over 200km.




Consulting for creation of documents*

25,00 €


Support with web recruiters

50,00 €

portal/ person/ application

Interview preparation

60,00 €

interview/ person/ application

AC preparation

80,00 €

AC/ person/ application

*e.g. layout and content of table form CV

Further prices for other services are available upon request, such as translating websites or leading a negotiation in a foreign language.

In connection with translation or proofreading as well as with interpreting the related fees for the language service apply.

       Tip: Please request your individual offer and benefit from the IBLC combined discount: For instance,         for the textual preparation of an application letter together with a translation and the creation of the         letter.

You have a different concern? Please send an e-mail. IBLC will check your request and submit you an individual quotation.

All prices are shown gross and they include the currently applicable VAT in Germany of 19%.

The VAT does not apply at commercial businesses within Europe as far as the purchaser possesses a valid VAT Id.